Bill & Bernadette Craven

I was referred to Trevor of TMC construction 10 years ago when I had a difficult renovation to complete in my 80 year old home.  We were so pleased with the  perfectionism  that he and his team brought to our renovation that when it came to building our cottage there was no one else that we would settle for.

The cottage was an even more difficult project.  It is a good thing that Trevor and his team are outdoorsmen because we were asking them to build a custom home on a boat access non electric lot 9 hours away from their homes! Did I mention we had a very limited timeline?  

I had the pleasure of watching them complete the project with the same perfectionism I had seen ten years earlier but in record time.  There were many times when I was honestly in awe of what they were doing.  I think the locals are still talking about the team from Chatham (TMC Construction) that did what they thought could not be done.

Thank you Trevor and crew!

Bill & Bernadette Craven Chatham Ontario.