Derek & Melanie Louzon

Here's a summary of the utility cost differences between our last home and our TMC built current home.

You'll notice there's a gap in the dates I used for each house that isn't accounted for. That's because I wanted to use data from months that weren't affected by packing / cooking less / moving from the old house... since those things would affect hydro & gas usage. Also I didn't use any Maple line bills until the start of 2015 because I wanted to wait until all construction was finished between the house & shed, along with us using the new house in a perfectly normal way once our heating & boiler issues were solved.

1,800 sq ft River Line house

*Very comfortable temperature on main floor. Downstairs was musty, moldy, humid, too cold year round therefore uncomfortable to use as regular living space.

  • Electric stove
  • Electric clothes drier
  • Forced air heat
  • 18' Pool

3,120 sq ft Maple Line house 

*Very comfortable temperature all year round on both main floor & downstairs.

  • Gas stove
  • Gas clothes drier
  • Gas boiler for water & heat
  • 15x30' Pool
  • Hot tub
  • Heated 26x32 shop floor in shed


  • River Line: September 26, 2013 - September 26, 2014: $198.28/mo. ($2,379.35/yr) 
  • Maple Line: December 25, 2014 - December 25, 2015: $210.44/mo. ($2,525.25/yr) 

That's $12.16/month more ($145.90/yr)


  • River Line: October 2, 2013 - October 3, 2014: $76.20/mo. ($914.37/yr)
  • Maple Line: January 2, 2015 - December 31, 2015: $83.27/mo. ($999.26/yr)

That's $7.07/month more ($84.88/yr)

Total increase for extra 1,320 ft2

  • $12.16 Hydro ($145.90/yr)
  • +$7.07 Gas ($84.88/yr)
  • $19.23/mo ($230.78/yr)

Water usage: 

  • $43.51/mo. ($522.12/yr) River Line
  • $53.11/mo. ($636.27/yr) Maple Line

Above is just to show the difference with a hot tub & larger pool.

There were 2-3 price increases for utilities between these 2 houses. I would argue that although we can visibly see there is a higher cost to the new house, but usage is probably lower which doesn't show because prices are higher per unit used.

So we are 450 ft2 short of having double the square footage of living space, yet use less energy as compared to our old house.

Thanks again for the beautiful & energy efficient home!


Derek & Melanie Louzon